In addition to being a fantastic producing theatre space and home to myriad acting classes and workshops, Freehold also rents its main theatre space for reasonable prices. Located in the Belltown neighborhood, this is a great space for small scale theatre or dance presentations in need of full

This gorgeous, recently refurbished space shapes up to be a perfect space for, again, small scale dance, theatre and music performances. Bonus: located on Capitol Hill, across the street from the future 12th Avenue Arts space

Filmmaker, editor, fight choreographer. Jon Peck is a highly energetic, positive and gracious collaborator.

A full-service boutique catering service that brings all of the flavor, with none of the attitude. At our cabaret Barnstorm, owner Shubert Ho set up a temporary kitchen in one of the smallest, most frustrating non-kitchen spaces you could possibly ever ask a caterer to work in - and churned out

Awesomest web designer ever. He performs feats of greatness almost daily, while listening to Irish flute music no less. We don't have a picture of him, so look at this instead. Highly recommended for all of your web design and strategy

Fastest, most reliable and most forgiving printing house this side of the Mississippi. Swifty has remained an ever affordable and trusted service. Not only do they print lovely posters, but sometimes when it's raining and late, they offer to give you rides home too.

quiet is a multi-disciplinary arts community engaging in social change and personal transformation through meaningful expressions of intentional art. That sounds really serious, and they are, but they're also fun people who know how to have a laugh while working their butts off in the name of