We Are

The Heroes is a volunteer-supported organization working to produce compelling art and performance through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Heroes is a laboratory for emerging and established artists.

The Heroes is a fashion designer working with fight choreographers, a prose writer studying rappers, a choreographer contemplating natural disaster through dance. 

The Heroes facilitates strange mixtures that result in vibrant, risk-taking work that we hope has done a small part to make our community a better and more exciting place for artists to work.

The Past

The Heroes was founded in early 2009 by a group of young theatre artists, writers, dancers and musicians who set out to write and produce an original play (link to Baggage Claim subpage in past projects) in Seattle.  Thousands of hours and several sold-out shows later, The Heroes’ members wanted to keep going.

The Present

The Heroes seeks to leverage our administrative and creative expertise to connect emerging and established artists with new audiences.  We are poets, playwrights, designers, etc., and we are also editors, mad marketers, video editors, graphic designers, capable bookkeepers and – most importantly – resourceful researchers and networkers.

As a self-standing 501(c)3 nonprofit, we enjoy many cost-saving benefits – and put any net gains toward future projects – not our pockets. And, as a fiscally-responsible organization, we work to stay in the black through every production without touching a credit card and have remained sustainable even after donating to other community causes and foundations. (A big thank you to our audience members and supporting artist network for that!)

The Future

The Heroes is continually expanding the range of artists, mediums and spaces it works with, seeking to forge new connections within the Seattle community.  Over the next year, The Heroes will be bringing you a short film festival, a recurring Salon, a large scale-mural project, and new work from emerging local writers. 

The Name

We know the name sounds a little self-aggrandizing. But trust us, we don’t mean it quite so literally.

We call ourselves The Heroes because we believe creating truly relevant and provocative artwork demands an abandonment of cynicism, and an embrace of what is vulnerable and nervous-making.

And because, some days, we know it takes super-human strength to leave a long day at “the office” and take up the duties of a full-time unpaid job. Be it painting or parenting.

Because true heroes have real flaws and so, are sometimes better defined by the strength of their support systems than their super powers. (Where would Bruce Wayne be without Alfred?)

By ensuring that collaboration, mindful risk-taking and, of course, fun are present in all of our practices, we accomplish important work in developing bigger and more passionate arts audiences in Seattle. And by calling ourselves The Heroes outright, we believe we help audiences to recognize these super-human accomplishments in artists everywhere.